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The Sealing Performance Of Bottle Cap Gaskets Is Facing The Test

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The Sealing Performance Of Bottle Cap Gaskets Is Facing The Test

When the bottle cap is tightened, a rubber pad at the bottom of the bottle cap presses against the bottle mouth and plays a sealing role. Nowadays, many beverages, medicines or other items are packaged in bottles, which is a packaging with considerable advantages in terms of airtightness. The outlet of the sealed package - the bottle cap needs a guard to check, this is the bottle cap gasket.

Bottle cap gaskets, as a package for bottle packaging, a product that is not very profitable, its profit can be said to be negligible from a single point of view. There are not many domestic manufacturers specializing in bottle cap gaskets, roughly ten or twenty.

Now ceramic bottles are constantly being sought after in the packaging bottle market. From the beginning of ceramic wine bottles, to now health care products bottles, honey bottles and food bottles, in various packaging markets, ceramic bottles began to become the theme of bottle packaging along with plastic bottles and glass bottles. If cap gaskets are used, sealing issues need to be addressed. However, the current market situation has determined that bottle cap gasket manufacturers must solve this problem as soon as possible.

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