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Method And Scope Of Application Of Aluminum Foil Sealing Gasket For Glass Bottle Packaging

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Method And Scope Of Application Of Aluminum Foil Sealing Gasket For Glass Bottle Packaging

Aluminum foil sealing gasket is a very common sealing product, do you know its use method and the scope of application?

Glass bottle aluminum foil sealing gasket is composed of cardboard, aluminum foil, adhesive, sealing film, etc. The electromagnetic induction sealing machine seals the thermal bonding layer with the bottle mouth through non-energy heating.

After heating, the aluminum foil sealing layer, to achieve sealing, moisture-proof, leakage prevention, preservation effect, in addition to anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft, in addition, it can be printed on the sealing film company LOGO and advertising to achieve the publicity effect.

Use method of aluminum foil sealing gasket:

1. Put the aluminum foil sealing gasket into the bottle cap and be flat.

2. Turn the bottle cap tightly to the bottle mouth, and finally seal it through the induction packer.

sealing.3. Automatic separation of aluminum foil and paper pad / polymer pad after induction

Scope of application of aluminum foil sealing gasket:

1, suitable for honey, food, dried fruit and other cold sealing glue.

2, suitable for hot filling milk, drinks, juice and has high temperature disinfection effect.

3, milk curd, pepper, pickles, sauerkraut, snail, razor clam, shrimp sauce, fish and other pickled seafood and other cold sealing glue.

The aluminum foil sealing film produced by Li Yinuo packaging has many advantages, such as strong sealing barrier, good easy to tear effect, bright color, exquisite appearance, green environmental protection, high safety, strict testing, stable quality and so on, and the effect is very reliable. If you are interested in us or have any questions, you are welcome to call us.

1: The use of aluminum foil paper

Aluminum foil is a widely used for packaging. It has waterproof, moisture-proof, pollution prevention and wear resistance characteristics. Aluminum foil is commonly used to package food, medicine, and other items.

2: How to use aluminum foil?

Aluminum foil is widely used. It can be used not only for making dumplings, but also for making rice, soup, steamed vegetables, and even for frying and cooking vegetables. Aluminum foil is very convenient to use, just tear the aluminum foil into the appropriate size, and then put the food into the aluminum foil, to complete the packaging. Aluminum foil paper can not only ensure the freshness and taste of food, but also prevent food contamination. Aluminum foil paper is a non-toxic, tasteless, high temperature resistant packaging materials, can effectively ensure the safety of food.

3: There are so many clever ideas!

the use of aluminum foil aluminum foil paper is mainly used for packaging food, to prevent food deterioration. Aluminum foil can effectively block air and moisture and ensure the freshness of food.2. How to use aluminum foil?1) Place the aluminum foil on the bottom of the container to cover the entire bottom surface;2) put the food in the container; 3) slowly roll the aluminum foil and cover the mouth of the container to prevent food deterioration. There are so many clever ideas!1) aluminum foil can be used to make waterproof and moisture-proof clothing; 2) aluminum foil can be used to protect furniture, prevent furniture from damp; 3) aluminum foil can also be used to protect electronic products

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