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Why Is The PE Aluminum Foil Gaskets So Popular? Because These Advantages Are Small-And Medium-Sized

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Why Is The PE Aluminum Foil Gaskets So Popular? Because These Advantages Are Small-And Medium-Sized

Careful friends are not difficult to find that when we open the bottled products, there is generally a layer of gasket inside the bottle cap. As we all know, this layer of gasket is inseparable from the sealed packaging of the product, but perhaps most people do not know why the aluminum foil sealing gasket is so popular? Today, we will talk in detail:

PE aluminum foil gasket is composed of upper and lower layer high density PE layer, and low foam PE elstomer in the middle. There is no medium in the middle, which has better sealing effect than ordinary single layer low foam PE gasket.

PE aluminum foil gasket is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless, with the characteristics of white and smooth surface, light weight, slow elastic, cream and vacuum preservation. Placed in the bottle cap has the effect of sealing many times to ensure that the items in the bottle are always sealed and extend the quality and efficiency period.

When using PE aluminum foil gasket, insert the applicable (according to the size of the inner diameter and the gap between the bottom and the bottle mouth) into the bottle cap and tighten the bottle body.

Reed packaging, PE aluminum foil gasket wholesale custom manufacturers, focus on research and development, production of all kinds of high barrier packaging materials and easy tear sealing packaging materials, widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, daily necessities packaging, with green environmental protection, high security, strict testing, quality stability, and many other advantages, if you are interested in us or have questions, welcome call consultation.

PE foam is divided into two types: non-cross-linked types and cross-linked types. In the molding process, the cross-linked PE foam needs to cross-link the PE before foaming, and the purpose is to connect the linear PE molecular chains into a network, thus increasing the viscoelastic energy of PE after melting. The cross-linking process of PE is divided into chemical cross-linking and radiation cross-linking. Due to the limitations of radiation cross-linking equipment, the method of isopropylene benzene peroxide (DCP) is mostly used in industry. After PE crosslinking, the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, environmental pressure cracking resistance, heat resistance and other comprehensive properties have been significantly improved, so the non-cross-linked PE bubble Compared with foam plastic, cross-linked PE foam plastic has better performance. In industrial production, the production of crosslinked foamed polyethylene is much greater than that of non-crosslinked foamed polyethylene.

There are many factors affecting the performance of polyethylene foam, mainly including formula, processing factors, structure and size of bubble hole. The required formula of polyethylene foam includes raw material resin, crosslinker agent, foaming agent, in addition, according to the product performance needs to add the corresponding filler, such as nucleating agent, flame retardant, colorant. The formula mainly affects the foaming rate of the foam plastic, thus affecting its performance. The larger the foaming rate, the lower the tensile strength, bending strength and thermal deformation temperature of the bubble body, and the greater the molding shrinkage rate. Processing factors are related to the molding mode, affecting the PE foam performance for extrusion foaming, the main processing factors are the screw speed and the temperature of each area; For molding foaming, the main processing factors are temperature and pressure; for the process of free foaming, the temperature of each section and the speed of the mesh belt. In most cases, the bubble hole structure of polyethylene foam is closed hole structure, which makes it have a high compression strength. The size of bubble hole is the larger factor affecting polyethylene foam. The compression performance of PE foam of small bubble hole is better than that of PE foam of large bubble hole. Polyethylene plastic foam plastics with different properties are used in various and different fields. Table 1.1 lists the application situation of PE foam plastics in various fields.

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