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  • [News] What Is The Purpose Of The Pressure Sensitive Gasket On The Packaging?


    Pressure sensitive gasket is composed of pressure sensitive adhesive and PS foam sealing gasket, which can be adhered to the bottle mouth under external force, playing a sealing and preservation role. The composite aluminum foil sealing gasket is a single piece type, without aluminum foil, and provi Read More
  • [News] Precautions For Customizing Aluminum Foil Sealing Gaskets For Glass Bottles


    Glass bottle aluminum foil sealing gasket is a type of gasket composed of cardboard, aluminum foil, adhesive, sealing film, etc. It uses an electromagnetic induction sealing machine to seal the thermal adhesive layer with the bottle mouth through non energized heating. After induction heating, the p Read More
  • [News] Why Is The PE Aluminum Foil Gaskets So Popular? Because These Advantages Are Small-And Medium-Sized


    Careful friends are not difficult to find that when we open the bottled products, there is generally a layer of gasket inside the bottle cap. As we all know, this layer of gasket is inseparable from the sealed packaging of the product, but perhaps most people do not know why the aluminum foil sealin Read More
  • [News] Method And Scope Of Application Of Aluminum Foil Sealing Gasket For Glass Bottle Packaging


    Aluminum foil sealing gasket is a very common sealing product, do you know its use method and the scope of application?Glass bottle aluminum foil sealing gasket is composed of cardboard, aluminum foil, adhesive, sealing film, etc. The electromagnetic induction sealing machine seals the thermal bondi Read More
  • [News] Is Polystyrene Plastic Foam Board Toxic To Human Body?


    There are a lot of waste plastic reuse, but also difficult to ensure that non-toxic. So it is better to be careful. In the mid-1990s, it was widely said that the polystyrene foam plastic (EPS) was toxic, especially the polystyrene foam tableware. Once the polystyrene foam board was burned, it emitte Read More
  • [News] Getting The Best Seal On Heat Induction Cap Liners


    Heat induction seal cap liners are a great way to keep products safe. They provide an airtight seal on a closure that helps prevent leaking or spilling and the introduction of contaminants. A good seal can also preserve product freshness. Pres-On offers several different types of heat induction seal Read More
  • [News] Safety Of Bottle Cap Gaskets


    Foreign countries have stricter and stricter requirements for PVC soft products, and the range of restricted plasticizers has become wider and wider. The bottle cap seal is more harmful to public health than the plastic wrap, and my country's food packaging standards are seriously lagging behind.Nat Read More
  • [News] Packaging Companies' Selection Of Bottle Cap Gaskets


    The choice of bottle cap gaskets in the packaging industry is of course the choice of good quality, excellent quality and cheap price, so how can we identify the quality of bottle cap gaskets?A good bottle cap gasket should have the following characteristics: non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, and inde Read More
  • [News] The Development Prospect Of Bottle Cap Gasket Market


    The development of the packaging industry has driven the development of the bottle cap gasket market. With the advancement of science and technology, people's living standards have gradually improved, which has brought a great test to the bottle cap market.Bottle cap gasket is used for sealing vario Read More
  • [News] Aluminum Foil Bottle Cap Gasket


    pe plastic sealing bottle cap gasket, electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing gasket, pressure sensitive gasket, low foaming gasket, epe low foaming gasket, bottle cap inner gasket, etc., can be widely used in wine, cosmetics, medicine, Food and other industries.The aluminum foil sealing gas Read More
  • [News] The Reasons For The Rapid Development Of Bottle Cap Gaskets


    Electronic wire/chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam (IXPE/XPE) material (coil) is based on low density polyethylene (LDPE) and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) as the main raw materials, adding foaming agent AC and other various Chemical raw materials are mixed, processed, shaped, irradiat Read More
  • [News] Composite Aluminum Foil Sealing Cap Gasket


    Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing bottle cap gasket, pure aluminum foil sealing film, easy-tear film gasket, imported. Domestic material pressure-sensitive gasket, PE low-foaming cosmetic bottle cap gasket.Cream cover gasket. Pump head. Nozzle gasket, PE low-foaming material laminating Read More
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