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Precautions For Customizing Aluminum Foil Sealing Gaskets For Glass Bottles

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Precautions For Customizing Aluminum Foil Sealing Gaskets For Glass Bottles

Glass bottle aluminum foil sealing gasket is a type of gasket composed of cardboard, aluminum foil, adhesive, sealing film, etc. It uses an electromagnetic induction sealing machine to seal the thermal adhesive layer with the bottle mouth through non energized heating. After induction heating, the paper pad is separated, and the aluminum foil sealing layer is sealed with the bottle mouth to achieve sealing, moisture-proof, leak proof, and fresh-keeping effects. In addition, it also has anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft properties. In addition, company logos and advertisements can be printed on the sealing film to achieve promotional effects.

Usage of aluminum foil sealing gasket:

1. Place the aluminum foil sealing gasket into the bottle cap, ensuring it is flat.

2. Tighten the bottle cap to the bottle mouth and finally seal it with an induction sealing machine.

3. After induction sealing, the aluminum foil and paper/polymer pad automatically separate.

Aluminum foil sealing gasket product usage range:

Mainly used for sealing glass bottle mouths in food, medicine, health products, etc., with thicknesses of 0.4mm, 0.65mm, and 1.1mm. With the demand of the market, the company has developed a new concept of glass bottle sealing film, which is suitable for cold sealing adhesives such as honey, food, and dried fruits Suitable for hot filling of milk, beverages, and fruit juices, and has a high-temperature resistant disinfection effect Cold sealing glue for preserved seafood such as milk curd, chilli, pickled vegetables, pickled Chinese cabbage, mud snail, razor clam, shrimp paste, Yusheng, etc.

Characteristics of aluminum foil sealing gasket:

Good sealing performance and easy to tear when used. Attention to issues and transportation and storage.

1. The bottle mouth should be kept clean and free from substances such as water and oil;

2. The bottle mouth should be a complete flat surface, without unevenness, notches, burrs, and other phenomena;

3. Tighten the bottom of the bottle cap to the bottle mouth, and the gap should be zero;

4. The sealing layer should be kept clean and not contaminated;

5. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, storage temperature should not be too high, and products should not be directly ventilated;

6. The degree of sealing depends on factors such as pressure, temperature, and time.

Precautions for customizing aluminum foil sealing gaskets

1. Bottle material: Plastic bottles (PET PE PP PS , etc.), glass bottles, metal bottles, etc;

2. Size: The inner diameter of the bottom of the bottle cap, excluding threads;

3. Thickness mm: 1.05, 0.95, 0.6, 0.25, etc., customizable;

4. In bottle products: Introduce more suitable sealing films b

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