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Is Polystyrene Plastic Foam Board Toxic To Human Body?

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Is Polystyrene Plastic Foam Board Toxic To Human Body?

There are a lot of waste plastic reuse, but also difficult to ensure that non-toxic. So it is better to be careful. In the mid-1990s, it was widely said that the polystyrene foam plastic (EPS) was toxic, especially the polystyrene foam tableware. Once the polystyrene foam board was burned, it emitted a large number of toxic gases. Foamed tableware was banned in 1999. Later many experts As we all know, EPS comes from petroleum products, and its pollutant discharge in the production process is easier to meet the emission standards. Its products processing process is more in line with environmental protection requirements, no pollutants, for clean production. In recent years, some people put forward that EPS combustion produces dioxins and other harmful substances, industry experts hold a negative attitude: because the basic composition of EPS is carbon and hydrogen, does not contain harmful substances, after complete combustion, the generation is two Carbon oxide and water, completely burned waste ash does not contain lead, cadmium and other heavy metals; carbon black produced by incomplete combustion due to insufficient air is not harmful substances. Experts say that dioxins are produced by carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and chlorine at high temperature, and the formation condition of dioxins is that when chlorine is present at a certain concentration and the reaction temperature is 250~400℃, EPS does not contain chlorine, and it does not produce dioxins in theory; the trace chlorine present in the atmosphere may participate in the reaction, thus generating the dioxins, Japan EPS Recovery Committee commissioned an external agency to test, and the results are combustion products No dioxins were found in the medium. The German Discipline Research Community studied EPS and pulp molded and recycled cardboard in 19922 Year studied the life cycle evaluation of EPS and recycled cardboard, and the conclusion is that EPS has little impact on the earth's environment, which can be called environmentally friendly materials. I think they said the polystyrene foam is not toxic, or credible, but many polystyrene foam board is waste plastic or additives can not be guaranteed to be not toxic.

What is called foam plastic (figure)?

Also called the porous plastic. Plastic made of resin as the main raw material. Light quality, adiabatic, sound absorption, shock resistance, corrosion resistance. There are both soft and hard quality. Widely used as thermal insulation, sound insulation, packaging materials and vehicle hull. Foam plastic, microporous plastic as a whole contains countless microporous plastic. Plastic plastic plastic lot many tiny pores. Made by mechanical method (foaming with air or carbon dioxide) or chemical method (adding foaming agent). Closed closed pore type and open hole type. The pores in the closed form are isolated and floating; the pores in the open form are connected, No floating sex. Can be made of polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polycarbamate and other resins. Can be used as thermal insulation and sound insulation materials, the use is very wide. Foam plastic by a large number of gas micropores dispersed in the solid plastic and formed by a kind of polymer materials, with light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption and other characteristics...

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