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The Market Development History Of Aluminum Foil Gaskets In 2022!

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The Market Development History Of Aluminum Foil Gaskets In 2022!

The production and use of aluminum foil in my country began in 1932, but it did not develop rapidly until the reform and opening up. Since the 1990s, aluminum foil production has entered an important period. Not only has a large number of equipment been introduced, but also the level of production management and technology development has gradually moved towards modernization and internationalization. Since the beginning of this century, driven by the strong market demand, the production capacity of aluminum foil has increased rapidly.

Looking at today, aluminum foil gaskets are widely used, such as: food packaging, cigarette packaging, etc. According to its application characteristics, it is divided into more than 20 varieties. Due to the differences in the level of economic development in different countries, there is also a big gap in the consumption structure of aluminum foil. In developed countries in Europe and America, aluminum foil products for packaging account for 70% of the total demand. In my country's market, aluminum foil is mainly used as raw and auxiliary materials for industrial manufacturing, and packaging aluminum foil only accounts for 30% of the total domestic demand. Although the development of aluminum foil packaging is relatively late, the market is growing rapidly and the prospect is attracting attention.

Aluminum foil pads are quite remarkable in architectural applications, convenient, clean, and especially aesthetics have reached a new level. But the effect of different types of aluminum foil is very different. For example, fireproof and ordinary are not the same grade.

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