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The Development Trend Of Bottle Cap Gasket

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The Development Trend Of Bottle Cap Gasket

The bottle cap gasket is a kind of screw-down bottle cap used for packaging bottles of medicines, health products and beverages. The inner support cover is lined with a sealing gasket, the lower outer edge of the inner support cover is provided with a support wall and a swivel opening, and the support wall is an outer chamfer-shaped contact surface. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use, and can simultaneously store two or more solutes and solvents in one container, which avoids the possibility of deterioration caused by the miscibility of the solutes and the solvents for a long time, and has practical value.

There is also an explosion-proof bottle cap for a glass bottle with internal pressure, which includes a cover body 1 and a gasket 2 . It adds a pressure relief channel and a pressure limiting device to the existing bottle cap. The pressure relief channel is composed of a round hole 3, and can also be composed of a round hole and a round tube or a ventilation hole. The film is formed; the gasket 2 is annular. In the normal state, the elastic pad 5 blocks the circular hole 5. When the pressure in the bottle rises to the opening pressure, the elastic pad 5 is pushed open to release the pressure in the bottle, thereby preventing the glass bottle from exploding.

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