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Increase The Market Value Of Cap Gaskets

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Increase The Market Value Of Cap Gaskets

As a part of bottle sealing, bottle cap gaskets have not been paid enough attention by the market for a long time. In the domestic market, bottle cap gaskets have always been tepid, and the number of domestic professional gasket manufacturers is also limited. However, the market is changing. When bottle labels and caps are integrated into new stages such as QR codes and anti-counterfeiting, gasket manufacturers should also take advantage of this round of technological changes in the packaging market to create a broader market space for themselves. .

For the gasket, it is widely used in the food and drug packaging market. It is in direct contact with food and drugs. If the current information can be read through the bottle cap gasket for the first time and provide consumers with first-hand information, it will be Greatly enhance the role and market value of the gasket.

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