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Definition Of Aluminum Foil Gasket And Pressure Sensitive Gasket

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Definition Of Aluminum Foil Gasket And Pressure Sensitive Gasket

Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing film

It is composed of cardboard, aluminum foil, adhesive, sealing film, etc., and is heated by an electromagnetic induction sealing machine through non-contact energy: placed under the inductor, high heat is generated instantaneously through electromagnetic induction, and the pad paper is separated after induction heating, and the aluminum foil is sealed. The layer is sealed with the bottle mouth to achieve the effect of sealing, moisture-proof and leak-proof, and also has anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft properties.

Pressure Sensitive Gasket

Bottle sealing material widely used in the world. Because it belongs to the pressure sealing material, the operation is simple and the price is low. Pressure-sensitive gaskets are composed of PS foam gaskets coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, generally called "pressure-sensitive gaskets". It is a single-piece type, without aluminum foil, and provides a sealing function by the pressure of the bottle cap lock at room temperature. Applicable to glass bottles, metal bottles, plastic bottles (the effect of solid dry food or medicine in the bottle).

Features and advantages of pressure-sensitive gaskets: It can be used on glass bottles and various plastic bottles. There is no need to add any equipment during use (high-frequency induction heating equipment must be used for aluminum foil composite materials). It has simple process, low price, convenient use and good sealing performance. Its non-toxic and odorless characteristics are suitable for the sealed packaging of medicine, food and cosmetics and some chemical products.

How to use the pressure-sensitive gasket: The user only needs to tell the manufacturer of the required specification and size (determined according to the bottle mouth), and the manufacturer will supply it according to his needs. When in use, the user only needs to put the pressure-sensitive gasket sealing sheet into the bottom of the bottle cap (the side with the print facing the bottom of the bottle cap), and then tighten the bottle cap. After about 120 minutes, when the bottle cap was removed, the pressure-sensitive gasket was tightly adhered to the bottle mouth, achieving the purpose of sealing.

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