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How To Correctly Select The Packaging Material Of Medicine Aluminum Foil

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How To Correctly Select The Packaging Material Of Medicine Aluminum Foil

With the development of pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging materials are more and more widely used in the market, and their packaging forms are also various, such as pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging bags, pharmaceutical composite films, pharmaceutical glass bottles, pharmaceutical blister packaging and so on.

Many pharmaceutical enterprises are faced with many pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging materials. Apart from the packaging form, other elements of pharmaceutical packaging materials, such as transparency, aesthetics, easy access to medicines, economy and so on, are the key points to be considered selectively. Generally speaking, three points should be considered: First, ensure the safety of drug quality; The second is to facilitate consumers to carry and carry; The third is to maximize the economy.

Packaging performance of pharmaceutical packaging materials is also a key factor in the selection of pharmaceutical packaging materials, such as sealing and durability.

In the use of pharmaceutical packaging materials, if the design and sealing are improper, even the materials with ordinary permeability will absorb moisture and dehydrate through the sealing system. Drug packaging materials such as glass bottles are prone to leakage, and the thread at the bottleneck will lead to capillary leakage.

Moreover, it is not difficult to understand the durability of pharmaceutical packaging materials. The durability of pharmaceutical packaging materials must be in the production process. Printing and color may change (strengthen or deepen), surface friction or wear, poor adhesion and stability lead to printing or label peeling, and poor product durability, so as to avoid deterioration of packaging product durability.

When choosing medicine packaging materials, the pharmaceutical industry should consider its warehouse and transportation, so as to avoid the impact, oppression, vibration and other external factors on medicine packaging materials. Of course, these aspects can be tested by simulated laboratory tests and actual warehousing/distribution tests.

In addition to the above necessary conditions, we should also consider the sterilization process in the production process of pharmaceutical packaging materials, the impact resistance and light shielding of packaging materials, etc.

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