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Aluminum Foil Bottle Cap Gasket

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Aluminum Foil Bottle Cap Gasket

pe plastic sealing bottle cap gasket, electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing gasket, pressure sensitive gasket, low foaming gasket, epe low foaming gasket, bottle cap inner gasket, etc., can be widely used in wine, cosmetics, medicine, Food and other industries.

The aluminum foil sealing gasket, also known as the aluminum foil sealing film, is used to seal the thermal adhesive layer with the bottle mouth by non-contact heating by an electromagnetic induction machine. Aluminum foil gaskets are generally composed of four layers. The first layer is: paper plate or foam, the second layer is: wax, the third layer is: aluminum foil, and the fourth layer is: heat-sealing layer called sealing layer (this layer is the same as the material of the bottle); but there are also no paper plates, yes Bottles and caps are a bit more demanding. Mainly used for bottle sealing of pesticides, medicines, health products, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals and other products. Applicable containers are: PET, PE, PP, PS, glass bottles, etc.

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