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What Does The Plastic Gasket Inside The Bottle Gasket Do?

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What Does The Plastic Gasket Inside The Bottle Gasket Do?

The wine bottle gasket is a wine packaging product placed on the bottom layer inside the bottle cap. So why add a spacer to the bottom of the cap? What are the benefits of doing so? What's the harm in not doing this? Let the staff give you detailed answers below.

1. Seal. The bottle cap gasket can effectively block the direct contact between the external air and the internal wine and the bottle cap, and its sponge body can effectively prevent the internal wine liquid from directly contacting the air, thereby preventing the occurrence of volatilization, deterioration and off-flavor. It can maintain the taste of the product inside for a long time and prolong the shelf life of the wine.

2. Pressure buffer. In addition to the sealing effect, when the wine bottle is squeezed, it can also buffer the force of the squeeze in all aspects to prevent the bottle mouth from cracking and breaking.

3. Hygiene. In addition to the above two points, professionally treated and sterilized bottle cap gaskets are much more hygienic than the direct contact between wine liquid and bottle caps. This not only makes consumers feel at ease, but also has a good packaging effect. Therefore, bottle cap gaskets have spread and become one of the must-have products in wine bottle packaging.

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