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Talking About The Structure And Advantages Of Foam Gasket

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Talking About The Structure And Advantages Of Foam Gasket

As the requirements of the packaging market continue to change, and in order to meet the requirements of the packaging market, the packaging materials and forms also follow the changes, such as foam gaskets in the modern market, which have been greatly improved in structure and can Meet the high-demand packaging needs; next, the relevant personnel of Yuncheng Hengyun Packaging Materials Company will tell you about the structure of the foam gasket and its packaging advantages.

The foam gasket adopts a modern research and development scheme and is made by advanced production technology. Compared with ordinary packaging gaskets, the upper and lower sides of the foam gasket are made of high-density pe material, and three kinds of pe elastomers are used in the middle. It is composed of layers, and others do not contain any impurities; thus greatly improving its sealing performance, which can meet the packaging requirements for products with high sealing performance; thanks to the excellent production material, the foam gasket is also colorless and non-toxic. , no peculiar smell and other characteristics, can meet the packaging requirements of various foods; this kind of gasket is put into the bottle cap, and it also has multiple sealing effects, thereby improving the durability of the sealing and increasing the overall packaging performance.

In the field of packaging, especially for some medicines, maintaining good sealing plays a very important role in maintaining the medicinal properties of medicines.

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