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Reasons And Methods For Lax Sealing Of Aluminum Foil Gaskets

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Reasons And Methods For Lax Sealing Of Aluminum Foil Gaskets

Aluminum foil sealing gasket is generally composed of adhesive layer, aluminum foil, weak adhesive layer, cardboard elastomer, etc.

After using the electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine to seal, it is found that there is a place between the sealing film and the bottle mouth that is not firmly sealed. The reason for this may be the following phenomena

1. The bottle cap is not tightened (just pay attention to tightening the bottle cap every time it is sealed to solve).

2. The bottle mouth is not flat (if the bottle mouth is obviously not flat, you can contact the bottle manufacturer to solve it. If there is no way to solve it, you can use a special mold cover to seal it. If it is not obvious, you can use aluminum foil with thicker paper pads).

3. There are very obvious burrs on the bottle mouth (cut off the burrs and then seal, usually contact the bottle manufacturer to help you solve this problem).

The operation method of aluminum foil gasket sealing:

1. The aluminum foil sealing gasket has silver tin foil on one side and paper material on the other side, which can be separated by heating.

2. Place the side with the silver tin foil towards the bottle mouth to align the bottle mouth with the gasket.

3. Adjust the temperature and power of the sealing machine, and use the sealing machine to seal.

4. After sealing, the tin foil and the paper layer are automatically separated, the tin foil is sealed at the mouth of the can, and the paper layer is left on the bottle cap.

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