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How To Improve The Sealing Of Aluminum Plastic Cover

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How To Improve The Sealing Of Aluminum Plastic Cover

With the rapid development of the medical industry, the market competition of various medical equipments and packaging is becoming more and more fierce. The variety and output of various medicines are increasing day by day, and the quality requirements for the medicinal aluminum-plastic cover for dispensing and sealing are getting higher and higher. This is because in order to extend the effective shelf life of the drug, the medical cap must be required to achieve a good seal. So, how to improve the sealing of aluminum plastic cover?

First of all, natural rubber has a good comprehensive performance, but because it contains certain non-rubber components, such as protein, acetone extract, ash, moisture, etc., its various properties may not meet the requirements of pharmaceutical sealed packaging, its The impermeability, impermeability and aging stability are not ideal, which is one of the main reasons for the moisture absorption and deterioration of some water-sensitive preparations during storage.

In order to make up for the defect that the raw material cannot be sealed due to the moisture absorption and deterioration of the raw materials, the pharmaceutical factory has to use a non-opening aluminum cover and apply a layer of paraffin on the outside after the rolling. Such a packaging process is cumbersome, not only labor and materials, but also affects the appearance of the drug packaging.

Another example is the infusion of large infusions. In order to improve the sealing and prevent the natural rubber aluminum plastic cover from affecting the clarity of the large infusion, it is only necessary to lay a layer of polyester film on the outside of the aluminum plastic cover, which makes the packaging process of the pharmaceutical factory complicated and cannot form a one-stop assembly line. operating.

Another important thing is to tie the bottle cap. Place the bottle filled with liquid and put on the lid onto the lower tray, place it on the V-shaped branch, hold the bottle with one hand, and pull the handle backwards with the other hand, this time holding the bottle Lift the tray up, and after the aluminum plastic cover and the capping head are closed, the three capping heads that rotate continuously rotate a few turns and then tighten the cap. It is necessary for the motor to work clockwise. Finally, the handle is pushed forward, so that the rolled aluminum plastic cover is returned to the original position with the tray, and the whole operation process is completed, and the above operation can be repeated every time a bottle cap is rolled.

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