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Why Use Aluminum Foil Gaskets You Don't Know?

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Why Use Aluminum Foil Gaskets You Don't Know?

What is an aluminum foil gasket? Why use this product? "In the past few days, some consumers who have just entered the packaging industry have asked such questions when they were invited to visit our company. So what exactly is an aluminum foil gasket, and what advantages does it have?

The technicians returned, aluminum foil gaskets are mainly used in packaging products inside various beverage or wine bottle caps. Its main function is to block the direct contact between the bottle mouth and the inside of the bottle cap, so as to prevent the bottle cap from completely blocking the contact between the internal liquid and the outside air. Able to maintain the same quality of food or alcoholic beverages for a long time! And alleviate the situation that the bottle mouth is broken due to handling or transportation! As one of these products, aluminum foil gasket is made of aluminum foil as the main raw material through a special process, which can effectively block and protect the integrity of the bottle mouth.

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