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What Are The Different Materials Of Foam Gaskets?

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What Are The Different Materials Of Foam Gaskets?

Foam gaskets are often used in some bottle caps, mainly to block air and achieve good sealing. However, there are many kinds of gasket materials in the market. The more commonly used ones are ps and pe, then these two materials What is the difference between the foam gaskets? Next, the relevant personnel of Yuncheng Hengyun packaging materials will talk about the differences between these two materials in detail.

PS is polystyrene, which is a transparent and heat-resistant thermoplastic, but this material is relatively fragile and has poor flexibility, so the price of foam gaskets of this material is also relatively cheap. It is generally suitable for cosmetic packaging or some food packaging; the other is pe, also known as polyethylene, which is a non-toxic, odorless and low-temperature resistant material, and the foam pad made of this material The sheet is not only thick, but also has good flexibility and a long service life, but the price of pe foam gaskets is relatively high, and it is generally suitable for some highly corrosive product packaging.

No matter what kind of foam gasket is used, it can enhance the sealing performance of the package, but which one to choose depends on the actual product needs. Generally speaking, the performance of the pe material gasket is good. Some

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