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Medical And Chemical Cap Gaskets

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Medical And Chemical Cap Gaskets

The medicines in the bottle are generally corrosive, and this kind of cap gasket should have stronger corrosion resistance than the cap gasket of beer, beverage, cosmetics, etc. The gasket has good sealing performance, good softness, resilience, odorless, non-toxic, moisture-proof, good chemical properties, etc. It has oxidation resistance and weather resistance, and meets national safety and health standards. Tetrafluoroethylene and high-quality silicone rubber are the base materials, which determine the non-toxicity of the gasket.

The compounded bottle cap gasket has good chemical inertness, acid resistance, alkali resistance, temperature resistance and anti-sticking resistance, and does not interact with concentrated acid, concentrated alkali or strong oxidant even at high temperature. In terms of physical properties, the composite gasket has good resilience, sealing and lubricity. The special processing technology ensures the firmness of the bonding between the PTFE membrane and the silicone rubber, and the two layers of materials are not easy to separate.

This special bottle cap gasket has a wide range of applications in chemical products such as strong acid, strong alkali, and high temperature.

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