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Highlights Of Disposable Plastic Covers

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Highlights Of Disposable Plastic Covers

Nowadays, there are many products on the market, there are many bottles and cans, there are plastic bottles, there are bottles of many materials such as glass bottles. The bottle is of course used in conjunction with the lid. The lid is also available in many types, including stainless steel lids, wood lids, and disposable plastic lids. The one that uses the fire is the disposable plastic cover, because the disposable plastic cover is full of highlights. Because the disposable plastic cover is simple to manufacture and short in use; secondly, the use of the plastic cover is a waste of resources, but in fact it saves resources indirectly and saves steel; then, the disposable plastic cover has a wide variety. The one-time, disposable plastic cover highlights well with a wide variety of bottle and cans.

The performance characteristics of the plastic cover:

1. The end of the inner end of the general plastic cover is provided with an annular anti-leak ring; also the ordinary plastic barrel cover is to be matched with the inner cover, and there is no need to design a leak-proof ring;

2. The lower end of the plastic cover is connected to an anti-theft ring by a tension rib;

3. At the same time, a plurality of sheet-shaped revolving tension wings are evenly distributed on the inner wall of the anti-theft ring;

The plastic bucket cover designed in this way has the advantages of firm sealing, leakproof and anti-theft performance, safe and convenient to use, and can effectively prevent the liquid in the container from being contaminated by external plastic cover. The performance analysis of the plastic cover can ensure that various liquid product packages conform to the state. Safety standards and other characteristics.

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