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Creative Design Of The Cap

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Creative Design Of The Cap

Bottle caps are widely used in daily necessities packaging. In supermarkets, we can see a variety of cap structures and copy colors, conciseness, overflowing beauty, so that we will summarize from our respective professional structures. And thus inspired.

Creative Design

The surface design of the cap is mainly for creative system design in terms of composition, text, color, display, etc. The following is a brief discussion of some key points.

1. Composition

Composition, centered for more, indicating stability, center, taste. It is mainly based on words, which can highlight the name of the product;

The composition is to put the visual form of each constituent factor in the "business position" in the picture. The trademark, text, pattern, image, description, barcode, etc. are organically combined in a specific space to express all the content to be expressed. There are times and times, light and heavy, thick and light, and densely combined. Forming a structural art, reflecting a sense of rhythm, both rigorous and lively, both rich and orderly.

2. Text

The text not only has an important role to explain the nature of the goods, but the text itself is also an indispensable visual image. The general requirements for the text: the font is clear, clear, the meaning is easy to read, easy to understand, the fonts and ideas of the text should be novel and can attract the attention of consumers. The artistic nature of the text makes the brand information convey a unique style charm, showing the product's freshness, activity, delicateness, tenderness and boldness in a limited 2-9 characters.

3. Color

Color has the function of advertising the promotion of goods and the recognition memory that attracts consumers' attention. The supporting series is favorable for pricing and distribution, adapting to all levels of consumption, and promoting the sales of goods. The beverage bottle cap is mainly composed of outstanding texture and fresh color. Of course, it also meets the special requirements of some countries for color love and taboos.

4. Show

The design of the excellent bottle cap, with the appropriate graphics, bold color matching, eye-catching text as the core, conveys the quality and taste of the beverage, and its own, it has the value of research and collection.

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