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Correct Use Of Foam Gaskets

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Correct Use Of Foam Gaskets

Foam gaskets can be used on various plastic bottles. Foam gaskets are simple in process, low in price, easy to use, have good sealing performance, and are non-toxic and odorless. They are widely used in medicine, food, health care products, and cosmetic sealing packaging.

There is no need to rely on any sealing equipment when using the foam gasket, the user only needs to put the bottle cap gasket into the bottle cap (the printed side faces the bottom of the bottle cap), and then tighten the bottle cap. After about 100 minutes, when the bottle cap was removed, the gasket was tightly adhered to the bottle mouth, and the purpose of sealing was achieved.

The size of the gasket must not be smaller than the outer diameter of the bottle mouth and not larger than the inner diameter of the bottle cap (remove the inner thread of the bottle cap). In fact, it is very simple, that is, it can cover the mouth of the bottle and put it in the bottle cap.

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