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Classification Of Plastic Bottle Caps

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Classification Of Plastic Bottle Caps

1. screw the cover

As the name implies, screw cap means that the bottle cap is matched with the container by rotating connection through its own thread structure. Due to the advantages of thread structure, when the nut is tightened, the biting force is generated between the threads, thus generating a larger axial force, and the self-locking function is conveniently realized.

2. Fastening cover

A lid that secures itself to a container by means of claws and other structures. We usually call it a snap cap. The buckle cover is designed according to the high toughness of plastic itself.

In the installation process, the claws of the buckle cover will be deformed for a short time when pressed to a certain extent. Then, under the elastic action of the material itself, the claw quickly returns to its original state and embraces the mouth of the container to fix the lid on the container.

3. Welding the cover

A lid which directly welds the bottle mouth on the flexible package by means of hot melting through the structure of welding ribs is called a welded lid. In fact, it is a derivative of screw cap and snap cap, which separate the outlet of the container and assemble it on the cap.

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