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The Application Of Foam Gaskets Is Light And Flexible

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The Application Of Foam Gaskets Is Light And Flexible

Foam gaskets should be familiar to everyone. Its lightness and softness always give people an infinite sense of security and comfort.

1. Brief introduction of foamed gasket; Foamed gasket is based on chemical technology and is foamed with the current international PE material. The foamed gasket has the characteristics of softness, high toughness and heat preservation lamp. It has an environmentally friendly, economical and safe option. The front of the foam floor mat is made of colored matt hemp surface lamination, the middle is made of Du Weiwei's PE cotton, and the ground is made of PE cotton. Among them, the PE material is very soft, light in weight, has a certain transparency, and is harmless to the human body.

Second, the maintenance of foam gaskets:

1. When the weather is good, take it out for sterilization in the sun, and place it indoors for a long time. If it encounters humid air, it is easy to mold.

2. Dry immediately after washing to keep it dry.

3. Accidental contact with mimeograph, paint or soup, etc., should be cleaned immediately to ensure cleanliness and prevent odor.

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